Business Sale/Purchase

Lilley Spanner & Stacey have the necessary skills and experience to advise you on the purchase or sale of a business. We can assist you with business types including companies, partnerships, and trusts.

Each party to a sale or purchase of a business transaction should be independently advised by a lawyer and an accountant.

We can help with:

  • Business Structures
  • Contracts
  • Lease Terms
  • Put and Call Options
  • Goodwill
  • Valuation of Business Assets
  • Tax Considerations
  • Liaison with Financial Institutions
  • Transfers of Liquor Licences and Poker Machine Entitlements
  • Transfers of Equipment Licences
  • Franchising
  • Arranging Due Diligence Searches and Inspections
  • Organising and Attending Settlement

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